Making music performance accessible to all no matter what their background was Steves inspiration for Colour-Caster. From planning the look of the guitar to the delivery of the backing tracks and song choices Steve was the instigator and creative force behind the project. The idea of the guitar was to colour the fretboard section of the guitar and choose songs that could be performed on only one string, strumming the note and if you were feeling brave, singing along. Steve was first and foremost a lovely, passionate man who cared deeply about teaching and the power of music to change lives. I was fortunate to share this journey with Steve over the 2 years it took us to develop and bring the workshop to both children and older people with learning difficulties. It was a ride I’ll never forget and Steve is always in my thoughts. RIP Steve

Images from our sessions

Our classes will inspire our participants and show from being complete beginners in a short space of time they can be arranging a concert in front of an audience

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