Healthy Holidays Covid -19

  •  1 hr Session Outline:

Short introduction to the session with example model. Feel free to use what you have at home to make your model. Please have a sheet of white A4 paper to hand and make sure your model fits on it without going over the edge. Note: your model doesn’t need eyes or a mouth, that comes later 🙂

Create your model on the white paper and photograph from above.  Use your smartphone to upload your image to us using the form below.

We will then record a short audio recording through the Zoom app so we can make your model face speak later. Think of something to say, maybe how you are feeling about lockdown or what it’s like not being in school…the voice is yours!

Use remote desktop link provided to you earlier to connect to our Creative Frame PC remotely. This will give you the opportunity to share our desktop and access the animation software.  We will then go through the process of making the animation together.

During Lockdown we are being challenged to find new ways of using technology to ensure our projects are on track to deliver fun and engaging workshops to children across Leeds who we would normally be meeting in classrooms and community centres during the school holidays. This poses an unprecedented challenge to us but we have devised a way to ensure we can still make fantastic creations with our children despite them being at home. We will be using this website to allow file uploads of your amazing photographs and we will, together, edit them to make your wonderful animations. 

Things you will need:

  • Bring your ‘A Game’ imagination
  • A smartphone with internet access
  • Fruit, Veg and any household items you want to include to make your model face
  • A phone to take a photo of your model
  • A blank piece of white A4 paper
  • A laptop or pc
  • Remote desktop sharing link, email address and password provided to you by us during the session.

Images from our sessions


Combining model making with animation, creative writing, photography and healthy eating, Vegimation made it’s debut as part of the 2016 ‘make it happen’ programme funded by Helena Housing in St Helens. Our workshop began with a huge bag  of fruit and vegetables deposited on a table surrounded by confused looking children aged between 7 and 12.

What’s that?

Initially the children were very wary of trying something new but soon began eating food they’d never seen before, the workshops quickly ignited into life and the children busied themselves with the task of building their model. Next came the naming and story creation, photography and animation. Over 6 weeks and in 2 locations across St Helens we met over 40 participants who created and ate, from confusion to creation Vegimation had landed.

Following our initial pilots Vegimation is now available as a 3 hour workshop perfect for summer clubs and half term.

Seeing the faces of children trusted to use our cameras and computers was priceless.

  • 5 children made new friends
  • 22 children tried new foods
  • 11 children felt more confident and healthy
  • 10 children learned new skills
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