Digital Arts Mentoring Network


The Digital Arts Mentoring Network has been created by members of the Cloth Cat Charity project ‘Man About Town’ to offer regular training and employment opportunities to people over 50 who are struggling with their mental health and find themselves disconnected from the world of work due to a lack of experience using digital tools in the workplace. Working alongside our team of digital creatives our group of service users develop skills which raise self esteem, tackle social isolation and build a library of employable skills.

Our group feature skilled facilitators producing high quality film, animation, web and print content for our clients.

The Digital Arts Mentoring Network provide the following services:

Film and animation: The Digital Arts Mentoring Network produce short promotional films and animations that deliver content in innovative, bright and accessible ways.

We are skilled in providing a supportive filming environment where users of mental health services in Leeds feel comfortable talking about difficult subject matters, where they feel confident in discussing the recovery process and the successes of their lives in their current situation, exploring their different journeys in a supportive group environment. As part of the editing process we provide iterative feedback ensuring the client is comfortable with the way they are being portrayed in the film. We understand the importance of establishing a rapport with our participants, we are flexible when it comes to booking time slots, going at the participants pace and happy to film in an environment that’s comfortable to them. We have a wealth of experience of listening to people with stories to tell, particularly those with a current crisis or history of personal trauma, ranging from hate crime, post-natal depression, severe personality disorder, domestic abuse, trafficking. We use agile project management processes and are in close contact with the commissioning organisation to ensure we are meeting their brief and that we are editing their material in a way that best meets their expectations. We seek to establish a collaborative working relationship early on in the process with a clear timeline, building in several agreed opportunities for our clients to comment and review over first draft, second draft and final draft.

Web: The Digital Arts Co-Operative take the frustration out of building a website – we are experienced in building and updating all types of websites from fully bespoke to content management sites such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace and providing the images and text you need to make a great impression. We will guide you to get the best from your website, social media and search engine optimization.

Audio: Part of the video making process is ensuring great sound quality, and we can record, edit and produce audio to make videos come to life.

Design and photography: We can provide posters, leaflets, logos and other promotional materials that make an instant impact, including professional quality photographs

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