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The Man Made project provides meaningful and regular timetabled groups for men at risk of suicide in Leeds.

Working with community artist Kevin Hickson our group will work with men in recovery and active addiction. Over the course of the project we will be discussing key life events. What events would we choose to celebrate, how did we overcome adversity. What did we do to change our path? Artifacts will be produced in clay to commemorate each man’s journey.

The cost of living crisis is hitting our group participants particularly hard and we see their daily struggles to make ends meet, dealing with the pressure of debt and the challenges they face dealing with problems with gas and electric, housing issues and just about living through each day. Our series of films will capture a snapshot of what it’s like living on the very edge of what anyone should be expected to bear. 

Designed as a social commentary but also a celebration of how people can rise above their hardships and find humour and comfort in the connections they make getting through the battles they face. 

We have facilitators who are SafeTalk, ASIST and Trauma Informed trained and experienced in working alongside vulnerable adults. Email if you are interested in joining one of our groups.

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