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We Are Here

Supporting the Journey

With over 60 years combined experience of working in the Health and Social Care setting our group of professional Mental and Health and Wellbeing workers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills that sit perfectly alongside the creative elements of what we do as an organisation.

We put pride and passion into everything we do as a company and have built a reputation on a complete commitment to the people we work with. We strongly believe that every voice matters and we commit to supporting those voices whether that's through film making, song writing, group facilitation or supporting our Mental Health peers and volunteers. Our motto is 'it's good to talk, it's great to listen' when only then do we unearth the incredible stories we all carry with us. People with Lived Experience continue to live with that experience so we respect, support and document the journey; by employing Creative Frame to work with your organisation you are supporting that journey too. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our work please get in touch using the contact button below. 

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